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When the warm sunshine isn’t beckoning us, it’s sometimes harder to think about getting outdoors. As the colder weather starts to settle in, I’ve begun to think about different ways to keep screentime to a minimum.

One of the things we will be doing each week, is taking our books with us on an “adventure.”

Often times, we limit ourselves to just reading before bed … which is such a wonderful and important routine, but to help illustrate how stories and creativity are all around us, we are going to be reading on the road. Not only that, but the more we incorporate books into our regular day-to-day activities, the more apt kids are to reach for their favorite paperback vs. asking for your phone to pass the time at the doctor’s office, check-out line, car ride, etc.

After school on Monday, we head to the library to pick out new books. My daughter seems to have a random theme in mind each week when we arrive (fairy poetry, drawing books, French books). One quick note about the Bangor Public Library, if you have not heard, they are closing for renovation Nov 14-Jan 4 … BUT, any books you check out between Oct 26-Nov 14 won’t be due back until after they reopen. So, stock up soon. Something you could do, is make your own library at home with the stock pile you get from BPL. Bring the books out on a certain day so your child can still check out a few of his/her choosing.

When we leave the library we choose a place to take our books and read. It’s as simple as that and my daughter (1st grade) looks forward to taking a familiar activity and making it kind of silly and out of the ordinary.

On a recent Bookventure to Cascade Park

On a recent Bookventure to Cascade Park

If you’re interested in having your own Bookventures, I’ve compiled a list of ideas to get your started. I would love to hear where you take your books.

Happy Reading!

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