The most important diet you’ll ever start

I started a new diet the other day.

To begin, I cut out all the negativity. This meant, I stopped complaining and started tracking my gratefulness. I also made a list of all the energy-zapping people, thoughts and ideas that had been lingering around and dropped any need to keep them in my life. I began complimenting others and made more of an effort to strike up meaningful conversations. Soon, something amazing started to happen, I felt great. Energized, even.

Next, I consumed only kindness. Come to find out, it was a pretty easy recipe. I combined two parts encouragement to one part stillness and a dash of hope. When blended together, it creates a smooth concoction great for sharing.

I knew I had problems areas (confidence, persistence, motivation) that needed extra attention. To help transform these into strengths, I practiced, each day, staying true to the things I am passionate about. And by golly, little by little, I see confidence, persistence and motivation starting to poke through.

In order to stay committed to this lifestyle, (the gurus tell me to call it a lifestyle, not a diet because diets are apparently temporary and there’s no way I want that weight on my shoulders again) I made Sunday my big prep day. I created awareness in my mind and body and packed each compartment with love, joy, peace, laughter, positivity, etc. I knew I’d have to supplement these things as the week went on, but at least I had a foundation to work from and build on.

So a few things have happened in the short time since I began this new lifestyle … my ego melted away. It’s gone. Completely. It no longer has control over me or my decisions. Also, others say because of me, they are inspired to feel beautiful and strong; in turn, I feel beautiful and strong. Who knew what an impact we could have on one another simply by “smiling” more.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, now that I’m in shape … I’ve also been eating better and exercising more.


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