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Teaching kids it does not matter who is elected President

Last week my second grade daughter game home from her Catholic school and said “Mom, so-and-so’s parents are voting for Trump. They said he has more faith.” All at once, I could feel my head spinning with remarks; my skin getting warmer: “Has more faith? In what?” “Do they know how he treats women?” “When did […]

Legacy of Fendler reminds of the importance of getting outside

With the passing of author and Maine legend Donn Fendler, I couldn’t help but think to myself (aside from the incredible legacy he left behind): would my daughter be able to survive if she were “Lost on a Mountain in Maine?” Toward the end of summer, she and I hiked Borestone Mountain in Guilford. It […]

Why spontaneous decisions are important in parenting

Some of my favorite traditions started off as a spontaneous decision. One of which began last summer when my daughter and I decided to go see Andy Grammer perform as a part of the free L.L. Bean concert series. We’d known he was coming but had forgotten until the day of show. A part of […]

The importance of food at summertime gatherings

Summer is a time where food is at the center of all we do. Whether a family barbecue, impromptu picnic or wedding reception, food is the common thread that ties together just about any occasion. At 89-years-old, my grandmother doesn’t cook much anymore. But if you remind her that no one makes mac & cheese like she does, you just may see […]

What I tell my daughter about tragedy in the world

My daughter changes her mind. A lot. About what she wants to be when she grows up. About where she’d like to live. What to name the dog she doesn’t have yet. She’s 6. It’s expected that the new and different are magical and exciting. For that reason, I won’t allow the recent tragedies in […]

Stop wishing single Moms a Happy Father’s Day

Each year around this time, I get flooded with messages of best wishes and celebratory notes in regard to my role as a single parent. But I ask of you, please, don’t wish me a Happy Father’s Day this year. I remember the first time this happened 6 years ago. My daughter was an infant […]

31 ways to enjoy an old fashioned summer

Remember what it was like as a kid … spending summers traipsing through tall grass, only returning home for food and hydration? The lunch table consisted of balancing a paper plate (if any plate at all) on your grass-stained knees while sitting on the steps, carefully setting aside watermelon seeds for an afternoon “contest.” Today, […]

7 ways a child can be your best teacher

When it comes to talking about parenting, we often hear Moms and Dads recite some version of the phrase “It has completely changed me.” And it’s true, but never did I imagine that a child would be the most instrumental teacher I’ve ever had without her even knowing it. In fact, until she came along, […]

What it’s like being a single Mom on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day I do not wish to sleep in or receive flowers or have loved ones gather ’round as I eat breakfast in bed. Besides, when you’re a single mom, those things aren’t likely to happen anyway. But, I’m more than OK with that. In fact, what I want for Mother’s Day is what I want every other day […]

Finding magic in a Maine lifestyle after living away

These days, we rise in the morning, curtains backlit by a penetrating sun. Depending on which window you’re in front of, there is the faint shadow of a tree branch, moving slightly with the wind. Certain repetitive movement momentarily hypnotizes me. Sometimes waves making their way to shore; more frequently, my 6-year-old daughter twirling and […]