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7 ways a child can be your best teacher

When it comes to talking about parenting, we often hear Moms and Dads recite some version of the phrase “It has completely changed me.” And it’s true, but never did I imagine that a child would be the most instrumental teacher I’ve ever had without her even knowing it. In fact, until she came along, […]

What it’s like being a single Mom on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day I do not wish to sleep in or receive flowers or have loved ones gather ’round as I eat breakfast in bed. Besides, when you’re a single mom, those things aren’t likely to happen anyway. But, I’m more than OK with that. In fact, what I want for Mother’s Day is what I want every other day […]

Finding magic in a Maine lifestyle after living away

These days, we rise in the morning, curtains backlit by a penetrating sun. Depending on which window you’re in front of, there is the faint shadow of a tree branch, moving slightly with the wind. Certain repetitive movement momentarily hypnotizes me. Sometimes waves making their way to shore; more frequently, my 6-year-old daughter twirling and […]

Life Paths: How Grief Motivated My Career

This guest blog is part of an ongoing series that will help showcase the different paths available to students after graduation (and in some cases, before graduation).   By: E.G. Moore My career started in the dark webs of a fading loss. My baby sister had died years ago, yet my grieving still hung on my heart like soggy […]

April Fool’s Day Is A Good Reminder To Laugh More

My 6-year-old daughter has a dollar store board book filled with jokes that she has memorized and frequently she chooses it as one of our “bedtime stories.” “Do you remember all the answers,” she will ask. “I do.” “But aren’t they still so funny?” Well, no, I think to myself. Aloud, I smile and nod. […]

Why I stopped wearing risque Halloween costumes

Having a birthday so close to Halloween meant Octobers were always filled with dressing up as a child. Costumes for such occasions were never bought pre-packaged, but created by the very hands that would eventually poke through the sleeves. If it were necessary to purchase an accessory to complete the look, such as a witch’s […]