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One last Ode to Camp as October approaches

Outside the leaves are beginning to change and our taste buds now long for all-things pumpkin. Gone are the flip-flops and tank tops; in are the boots and bulky sweaters. It’s the time of year when I see familiar faces in passing and hear: “Have you guys closed up the camp yet?” “No, not yet. […]

Why spontaneous decisions are important in parenting

Some of my favorite traditions started off as a spontaneous decision. One of which began last summer when my daughter and I decided to go see Andy Grammer perform as a part of the free L.L. Bean concert series. We’d known he was coming but had forgotten until the day of show. A part of […]

31 ways to enjoy an old fashioned summer

Remember what it was like as a kid … spending summers traipsing through tall grass, only returning home for food and hydration? The lunch table consisted of balancing a paper plate (if any plate at all) on your grass-stained knees while sitting on the steps, carefully setting aside watermelon seeds for an afternoon “contest.” Today, […]

Finding magic in a Maine lifestyle after living away

These days, we rise in the morning, curtains backlit by a penetrating sun. Depending on which window you’re in front of, there is the faint shadow of a tree branch, moving slightly with the wind. Certain repetitive movement momentarily hypnotizes me. Sometimes waves making their way to shore; more frequently, my 6-year-old daughter twirling and […]

Life Paths: What happens when you move to a remote island

This blog is part of an ongoing series that will help showcase the different paths available to students after graduation (and in some cases, before graduation). By Erinne Magee Ten years ago my intuition told me I needed a change. So I did what any sensible twentysomething would do: I moved 8,000 miles away to a remote island […]

Why Maine went from being “home” to “Vacationland”

By Kelsey Halm Have you ever questioned your own sanity? I don’t do it frequently – but a couple of weeks ago my husband and I packed our entire lives into a 16′ moving truck and relocated 1200 miles South of Bangor  to Charleston, S.C. In fact, within the past 365 days, we’ve done 4 […]

Lynn Plourde shares 5 favorite Christmas books

As a child, one of my favorite things about the holiday season was pulling out the Christmas books that had been tucked away in a closet all year. Now that I’m a mother, I’ve been able to recreate that tradition with my 6-year-old daughter, Lexi, who also looks forward to her seasonal stories. This year […]

Local Orchard Mistaken for Hollywood Set

Tucked between two goat stables, a local bluegrass trio provides background music on a warm autumn day at a bustling apple orchard. In appreciation of the tunes, a group of kids, including my 6-year-old daughter, Lexi, dance an interpretative-irish-step-ballet-hip-hop number. My view of this Disney-coated mosh-pit is mostly blocked as I sit at a nearby […]

Saipan Strong: How Technology Helps Redefine Community

There comes a time when screens and technology can play a remarkable role in helping humanity. Each summer, teams from around the globe travel to Maine to compete in the Senior League World Series at Mansfield Stadium. This week, the Saipan team was here in Bangor when they learned of the devastation left behind by […]

Getting outside with a purpose

When I first had the idea of a “screen free” summer, I was unsure of how to approach the subject with a 5-year-old. How would I explain that Sofia the First and The Pioneer Woman (girl likes her cooking shows) wouldn’t be spending much time with us during vacation? I wouldn’t. From my experience, which […]