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Teaching kids it does not matter who is elected President

Last week my second grade daughter game home from her Catholic school and said “Mom, so-and-so’s parents are voting for Trump. They said he has more faith.” All at once, I could feel my head spinning with remarks; my skin getting warmer: “Has more faith? In what?” “Do they know how he treats women?” “When did […]

What I tell my daughter about tragedy in the world

My daughter changes her mind. A lot. About what she wants to be when she grows up. About where she’d like to live. What to name the dog she doesn’t have yet. She’s 6. It’s expected that the new and different are magical and exciting. For that reason, I won’t allow the recent tragedies in […]

The most important diet you’ll ever start

I started a new diet the other day. To begin, I cut out all the negativity. This meant, I stopped complaining and started tracking my gratefulness. I also made a list of all the energy-zapping people, thoughts and ideas that had been lingering around and dropped any need to keep them in my life. I began […]