Stop wishing single Moms a Happy Father’s Day

Each year around this time, I get flooded with messages of best wishes and celebratory notes in regard to my role as a single parent.

But I ask of you, please, don’t wish me a Happy Father’s Day this year.

I remember the first time this happened 6 years ago. My daughter was an infant and I was going through a divorce.

“Hey Erinne, I know you’re playing both roles so I just wanted to wish you a Happy Father’s Day.”

Well, isn’t that sweet (and accurate), I thought to myself. I took this remark as a compliment. The next year, those types of messages increased. Finally, people are getting it! Each year I expressed my gratitude to those who recognized “what I was going through.”

Over the years, though, I’ve realized the only thing benefiting from this mentality of “doing it all” was my ego. Not only that, but parents don’t need the added pressure of having to be “both parents.” Regardless of how much the “other” parent is or isn’t involved, there’s no reason for mom to try to be dad or vise versa.

Before my daughter was aware of holidays and family dynamics, I used to worry about how to approach things like Father’s Day … (continue reading on Her View From Home)




Erinne Magee

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