Editing Services

I never thought I’d say this, but I LOVE EDITING! As an essayist (most recently Good Housekeeping, Washington Post & Huffington Post) and agented picture book author, I know firsthand the value of someone with a fresh perspective. Below is a list of services I offer. By no means is this a complete list but the most common inquiries I receive. 

Query Consult & Edit (one page): $50- What does it take to hook an agent or grab the attention of an editor at a major publication? With this service, I will edit for grammar and clarity while also breaking down the structure of a query, both by adding and/or removing content when needed, as well as providing a separate consultation paragraph with tips and tricks on how to best represent your work.

Picture Book Manuscript (up to 1000 words): $75- Writing for children is so much fun. But sometimes it’s hard to know what sells. Let’s polish your manuscript! With this service I will also provide advice on pitching your book.

Essays & Editors (up to 1000 words): $100- You have a story and now it’s on paper but you’re not really sure where to go from there. With this service, I will edit for grammar and clarity while making full use of the margins with comments/suggestions/questions, etc. 😉 Not only that, but I will suggest up to 5 specific places to pitch the essay, providing contact info for those publications!

Proofread Only (up to 1500 words): $25- Sometimes you work so hard on a piece that your eyeballs just can’t take the nitty gritty of line-editing. This is where I come in! I’ll make sure you’ve crossed each “T” and dotted each “I.”

Brainstorm/Creative Consult (one hour): $50- There’s something about bouncing ideas off one another that can be so inspiring. I love and take great honor in artist’s sharing their creativity with me. Let’s face it, we all get stuck from time to time.  With this service, we will chat (in person, email, via skype/Facetime or on the phone). I will send you away with ideas and a fun little “homework” assignment. When this is done, we will reconvene to wrap up.

Craft Your Elevator Pitch (OR Bio, Mission Statement Etc.): $25- Being asked to sum up our work in this manner can often seem harder than completing the piece in it’s entirety. I remember going through my first “Speed Dating with Agents” at a Writer’s Conference in NYC years ago … I’d never been so nervous to sit down and speak with someone about my writing for two WHOLE minutes. Now, I know what it takes to impress.

Full Length Book Proposal: Email to discuss

Marriage Vows: I love writing vows! If you need help finding the right words for your big day, let’s talk! Happy to send along a sample. Email to discuss rates. (Also, if you’re local, I can perform your ceremony!)


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