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Life Paths: Not All High School Drop-Outs End Up Losers

This guest blog is part of an ongoing series that will help showcase the different paths available to students after graduation (and in some cases, before graduation). By Sarah Cottrell In 1996, during my junior year in high school, just as spring fever was hitting my small Maine town, I told my English teacher that I was dropping […]

How to define Easter beyond the Marshmallow Bunnies

Is this the year I spill the beans about the bunny, I wondered, perusing the Easter aisles at a local store, wondering which was worse: the fabricated fable or celebrating Jesus with brightly colored Peeps. How much longer can I pretend a furry animal enters our home each year bearing toys and goodies, hiding eggs […]

Life Paths: Entering the work force after college graduation

This guest blog is the first of many in an ongoing series that will help showcase the different paths available to students after graduation (and in some cases, before graduation).  By Melanie Ann Thurlow Having completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Management two years ago at 23, I remembered why I first decided to […]

Here’s the problem with a “father-daughter” dance

On Friday morning, my daughter woke up, enthusiastically announcing: “The dance is tonight!” What she was referring to, of course, was the “Daughter” dance held by Brewer Parks and Recreation. The dance that doesn’t “require” a male date. We were on the waiting list and got the call Thursday that we had been cleared. “Not […]

Why Maine went from being “home” to “Vacationland”

By Kelsey Halm Have you ever questioned your own sanity? I don’t do it frequently – but a couple of weeks ago my husband and I packed our entire lives into a 16′ moving truck and relocated 1200 miles South of Bangor  to Charleston, S.C. In fact, within the past 365 days, we’ve done 4 […]

9 Snow day activities for Work-at-Home-Parents

The sound of a snowplow repetitively hitting the pavement as dawn begins to break can only mean one thing: SNOW DAY. Of course, your child instinctively knows this and is awake long before the usual alarm begins to sing. When you’re a Work-At-Home-Mom (or parent), you need to be able to carve out time to […]

Local yogi and business owner travels to Costa Rica

By Holly Twining There I was leaping over fear, traveling to Nosara, Costa Rica to scout out accommodations, quirky destinations and helpful locals for an upcoming adventure in February 2017. While not a fan of hot weather, surfing or spiders, there were times I wondered if this were the right decision, but really, those are […]

27 excuses to be mindful of in 2016

The New Year is all about self-improvement. With 2016 underway, I have taken the opportunity to reflect upon the past year and life in general. While contemplating where I am in relation to where I want to be, I came up with 27 excuses to leave behind this year. I don’t have time- Probably the […]

Remembering the importance of thank you cards

Every night, as I tuck my 6-year-old daughter into bed, we ask each other a question that gives us an opportunity to meaningfully reflect upon the day. “What are you thankful for?” When learning a new language, one of the first phrases we are taught is “thank you.” In fact, we don’t have to be […]

Celebrating Christmas in a single-parent household

Even though my daughter had never celebrated Christmas day with her father, I found myself with the need to make up for his absence. I would make my list and check it more than twice. Surely, I thought, children of divorce need more presents to compensate for the lack of presence, right? As much as […]